1 Year before Star Wars: A new hope would ever begin, the Empire was at the height of its power. The rebel alliance has been a pest for the last few years, but every major attempt at insurgency has been crushed with the efficiency that only the Empire can bring to the galaxy. Recently, something strange has been happening. The galaxy itself seems to be on the brink of something great, whether it be for good or evil, no one can quite tell, but there is definitely an unrest.

This campaign will experience the real Empire as no one else has before. The veil or darkness and evil has been lifted and we get to see the true face of the Empire. Only one organization has ever brought the galaxy together so successfully, but there are those that would try to defame it. Those that would tell you that all Imperials are evil. That the emperor is a tyrant who seized power unlawfully and declared himself undisputed ruler of the galaxy. It is time now to crush the insurgencies, and silence the voices of those that would destroy the harmony that we have worked so hard to build.

Take your place among the ranks of the Empire. Stand for what you know to be right. Fight for the peace and welfare of the galaxy by ridding it of those that would bring civil war and millions of deaths. The Emperor has graciously extended his hand, will you take it?

1. My hopes for this campaign is to tear asunder the very threads of all that is Star Wars canon starting with the time I have designated. The group will be able to interact with places and people that we all know and love, but how those interactions go can change the entire story as we know it.

2. All characters will begin as level one new recruits. while the classes will be the same, your jobs in the empire will matter so for example, if you are a soldier class, you would more than likely choose the storm trooper route.

3. There will be no jedi to begin the campaign. Jedi classes will become available as an option later on down the line, but to begin with, Order #66 has all but eradicated any semblance of force presence in the galaxy, with only a few remaining jedi, and the sith that are around aren’t exactly chompin at the bit to start the system back up any time soon. To explain better, any force use down the road will not be expressly jedi or sith, it will merely be usage of the force unless through some means the group finds a jedi or sith that accepts to teach them.

4. I want this to be an enjoyable experience for all involved, especially as a chance to rewrite the books, but in order to do that, its going to take some real RPing, and not just hack and slashing, and as such experience points will be awarded for awesome stuff happening, not just beating bad guys. As such, this is not a hack and slash by any means, and serious character development is encouraged strongly.

5. I will be updating this in the time to come before everything gets underway but if you have any questions that I have not answered here, ask me and I will more than happy to answer.

6. Keep in mind please that I am active duty military so if things arent done in a super efficient and timely manner, I’m probably at work with limited/no internet, so I will do my best to update this as often as I can.

7. For character generating purposes, I will be utilizing the Point system, and not a rolling system, in that way all characters, regardless of how well they may roll in the game, will start with the same basic attribute bonuses that they can place where they see fit. All attributes will begin at 8, and everyone will be given 30 points. To increase the scores from 9-14 the cost will be 1 point each. From 15-16, 2 points. From 17 to 18, 3 points and etc.

8. All character races will sadly not be available for play, as we all know from the movies, the Imperials were all about humans, and had a genuine mistrust of most alien races. Classes from the time period are all acceptable, keep in mind that Jedi and Sith are the exception. Also if you find something that would only have existed in the old or new republic expressly, do not choose that. I just updated this in the forums as far as what player races would be available.

9. Until such time as all players involved in the campaign have access to rulebooks outside of the core rulebook, none of the material from those books will be used without EXPLICIT GM consent. This means if it is not run through me for approval, and its not in the core rulebook, it doesnt exist for now.

For any other questions that might arise, please just get a hold of me on facebook or by email at carterdaniel23@gmail.com.

The Empire Strikes First

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