Admiral Prinkett

Commander of the Dauntilus, Imperial II-class Star Destroyer


Human, 45 (Imperial)

A sturdy jawed gray haired Imperial Officer who appears as if he’s never had a hard days work in his life. He has a piercing gaze and demands only the utmost respect from everyone on board his vessel.


Officer that oversees the Emperor’s Spectral Grasp Strike Force. His ship, the Dauntilus, an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer will be home for the Strike Force. He recieves strict instructions to be carried out by the Emperor himself, and then relays that to his subordinates. A strict and cruel man, he knows the price of failure within the Empire, and will surely punish those that sully his spotless duty record. The Dauntilus proudly boasts successfully destroying three rebel frigates, and two transports as they tried to escape an Imperial raid.

Admiral Prinkett

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