Lt. Jaff Kranik

Pilot extroardinaire


Human, 25 (Imperial)
Soldier/Ace Pilot

A daring, quick tongued, young officer in the Imperial fleet. He will act as the crews pilot, and as such, he is not privy to the more secretive points on the missions. His orders are only to go from Point A to Point B and back again safely, to deliver the strike team to where they need to be. If he has anything to say about it, he will also be the comic relief.


Jaff since he was little loved the idea of going into space. He is from the outer rim planet of Tatooine, and couldnt be happier to be out of that dust storm of a planet. Once he joined up with the Imperial Navy, he quickly learned that he had some real skill behind the controls of a star fighter. He earned himself distinguishment serving alongside the crew of the Dauntilus in the battle over the seas of Mon Calamari, where he personally shot down 5 enemy fighters with his TIE-fighter.

Always the hot shot, he is only kept in check by Admiral Prinkett, which is also why he was assigned as the pilot of the Strike team. Seems when you cant keep your mouth shut, they take you out of the real action and make you a taxi. Regardless, he is following his orders to the letter to serve the Empire.

Lt. Jaff Kranik

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