Sergeant Major Lecersen

SNCOIC of the Emperors Spectral Grasp strike force


Human, 39 (Imperial)
Soldier/Elite Trooper

“He has to be a droid, how can anyone possibly be that ruthless” -quote from a trainee before he met the bottom of Lecersen’s boot.

Stalwart, and dedicated to upholding the Empire, the man is almost never seen without his helmet. When he does remove it however, the left side of his face is severely scarred from a blaster bolt which caused his helmet to explode when he was a much younger man. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and he has been sure not to give anyone another chance.


A stormtrooper of many years, he worked his way through the ranks of the Imperial navy. He has earned Imperial medals of distinguishment for valor on a number of battle fronts vital to the Empires well being, most recently, the quelling of a rebel outpost on Sullust. Noticed for his achievement he was personally selected to serve in Lord Vader’s 501 stormtrooper division which served as his own private army. Through his time under the 501st, he learned to be swift, brutal, and emotionless, which he has passed on to a number of troops under his command.

Now, his actions in the 501st have awarded him the position over a new strike force, the Emperor’s Spectral Grasp strike force. This strike force is to be kept to a need to know basis withing the empire, completing only the orders that get handed down from the Emperor himself. Lecersen was advised by Admiral Prinkett that his mission will call for things that may seem objectionable to weak men, but things that must be done without question.

Lecersen himself will be conducting the interviews and hand selecting his task force. Failure will not be an option.

Sergeant Major Lecersen

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