Trixus Darktalon

Female imperial scout


Human, 24 (Imperial)
Scout/Bounty Hunter

Intelligent, beautiful, and dangerous, the embodiment of everything a successful bounty hunter should be. She has proven herself to be a vital asset in locating and if necessary terminating rebel sympathizers. She will also prove a valuable asset to the Strike Force, not as a direct member, but as an ally.


She was young when she had joined the ranks of the Empire, only 17 from her homeworld of Nar Shadaa, where she learned the art of being invisible to survive. Despite having lied on the application, which when it came to light would have meant immediate incarceration, the commanding officer saw in her something more useful than just another grunt. He used her skills to put him ahead of some of his peers, climbing the rank structure through cleverly disguised “accidents”.

While her formal rank is sergeant, she is rarely in a uniform that identifies her as an Imperial agent. She will provide a lot of intel for the group as far as when and where their targets will appear, and how best to fulfill their mission. She will be clued in to certain aspects of the strike forces agenda, only by identifying possible targets, or locating valuable information, but has no access to the more secretive nature of what they are.

Trixus Darktalon

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